Save The Mustang Foundation
Wild Mustang at Randy Bird's in Harwood, Ontario
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Mustangs are icons of the Wild West. But as their grazing land vanishes, cattle ranchers are asking the U.S. government to put these mighty horses up for adoption. Now, some of them have found a home in Canada...

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'Save the Mustangs Foundation' in The Globe and Mail

Six weeks ago Randy Bird stood on a government ranch in Rock Springs, Wyo., watching as a herd of endangered wild mustangs galloped around the paddock, terrorized by his human scent.

Today he feeds his own small herd by hand on his ranch near Harwood, Ont., east of Toronto.

"They'd never seen a tree or a barn or even eaten grain when they arrived," he said proudly. "Now they come straight up to the fence when I call them."


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I think I will never see anything as lovely as a tree…or as strange.

That's what nine wild horses must have been thinking when they arrived at their new home in the Greenbelt last year.

"They stood for a whole day just staring at the trees. They had never seen trees before," said Albert Botha, who helped rescue the Mustangs from death row in Wyoming and brought them to Ontario.