Save The Mustang Foundation
Wild Mustang at Randy Bird's in Harwood, Ontario
Save the Mustangs Foundation

"We can not save them all. . ..but we can save one at a time with your help"

"SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION" was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the "Excess."

Our Mission is to create public awareness of the wild Mustangs in jeopardy of slaughter.

To protect, maintain and provide humane treatment in a natural environment throughout the lifespan of the wild Mustangs under the care of the "Save the Mustangs Foundation."

To preserve, honour and protect wild Mustangs for our children and future generations to come.

To hire trainers to work with some of the horses and make them available to the qualifying public for purchase, as well as, creating educational programs for the general public.

"Save the Mustangs Foundation" is Canadian based Incorporated Not for Profit Foundation.