Save The Mustang Foundation
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"To save them all is save one is not enough"

"Wild Horses" courtesy of
Natasha Bedingfield

"SAVE THE MUSTANGS FOUNDATION" was created for the benefit of the Wild Horses and Burros in an effort to eliminate the need to destroy the "Excess."

Wild Mustangs and Burros have roamed free across American soil for hundreds of years until it was dictated by law that these majestic animals be protected against people bearing harm and inhumane treatment.

Over the course of time and law, these Wild Horses and Burros have become restricted to assigned acreage, and due to unforeseen changes of nature and sometimes man-made constraints, the range land is no longer able to sustain the volume of horses and burros that it once was able to.

Approximately 34,000 horses and burros are still roaming free on public land, with a number of 5600 still to be removed to meet the number estimated that the range land can sustain.

At the present time, approximately 24,000 horses and burros are held in captivity. 8400 of these animals, due to a recent amendment signed in December 2004 have been classified as "Excess" and to be destroyed in the most humane and economical fashion available.

To become classified as "Excess" a wild horse or burro must be over the age of 10 or have been unsuccessfully adopted 3 times.

$40 million dollars annually is spent on the Bureau of Land Managements, Wild Horse and Burro Program, with an estimate of $8 million being spent on Contractor Operated Sanctuaries to house the "Excess."